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01 декабря 2018, 13:43

2019 Volvo V60 pricing confirmed (and we know which we’d choose)

Volvo has confirmed pricing for the 2010 Volvo V60, its capable – and handsome – new wagon addition to the 60 Series. Set to arrive in US dealerships next year, the cargo-friendly luxury wagon will be priced from $38,900, the automaker confirmed today.

It’ll be the third entrant in the all-new Volvo 60 Series. That started out with the well-received XC60 SUV, which was then followed by the 2019 S60 sedan. We praised that car’s great styling and crisp performance back when we drove it in mid-October.

However, we couldn’t hide our true affections for the wagon version. Even more practical, but just as distinctive, the only thing we didn’t know at the time was how much it would cost; now, Volvo has broken its silence. When it reaches dealerships in early 2019, it’ll be priced at $38,900 (plus $995 destination) for the V60 T5 FWD Momentum with 250 horsepower, or from $43,400 for the T6 AWD version with 316 horsepower.

Although it may be the entry-level V60, Momentum trim will still get a fairly high level of standard kit. There’ll be Volvo’s City Safety active safety suite, together with LED headlamps. A panoramic moonroof is standard, too, as is Volvo’s latest iteration of Sensus Connect, its touchscreen infotainment system.

There’ll also be an R-Design version for each engine, which will throw on high gloss black for the window trim, mirror caps, and grille. It also gets a different heated steering wheel with perforated leather, metal mesh, and paddles, while the sport seats get nappa leather, as does the gear shifter. The 2019 V60 T5 FWD R-Design will be $43,900, while the V60 T6 AWD R-Design will be $48,400.

Finally, there’ll be an Inscription trim of the V60 T6 AWD. That will be priced from $49,400, and add features like four-zone climate control and leather comfort seats. It’ll also have driftwood inlays in the dashboard.

Sadly, at this point at least, Volvo isn’t giving us the two versions of the V60 that we really want to see. First off, there’s no V60 T8. That’s Volvo’s silky-smooth hybrid, combining the supercharged and turbocharged engine with an electric motor and battery. If you want that in a 60 Series, you’ll need to look to the S60 sedan or the XC60 SUV.

Secondly, there’s no sign of a V60 Polestar Engineered. Where the S60 gets a version tweaked by the tuning experts in Volvo’s Polestar division, the new wagon is not so lucky.

What you do get exclusively with the 2019 V60 – in the Momentum trim, at least – is the city-weave textile interior. Rather than just predictable hide on the seats, the technical fabric is a modern day plaid in black and white. It’s interspersed with cream leather, looks incredible, and would absolutely be the version we’d put in our garage.

Source: https://www.slashgear.com/2019-volvo-v60-price-specifications-release-date-performance-30556528/